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Bala Electronics

We are the manufacturers of  1. Solid State Corona Treater 2. Static Charge Remover  

Bala Solid State Corona Treater Introduction : Surface Treatment is required for plastic films & paper whose surface tension is not sufficeintly high to permit good wetting by inks or lamination. Corona treatment makes film receptive to ink by inducing molecular change on the surface of the film. In case of lamination plants, corona treatment makes better bonding between two or more materials.  

Static Charge Remover Introduction : During the processing of plastic / paper / textile material static charge is invariably generated, which creates lot of troubles like : Stacking each other, Loose Winding, Improper stacking, Wrapping around, Crease in the winding and Attraction of air born dust particles. Our Static Charge Remover fully solves all the problems which increases your profit and make trouble free operation.





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